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Buy Local, By Local Shops, is what we are proud to promote, to help your local stores to get online as easy as possible.

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We are here for you! Our mission is to help get you more sales either by Click & Collect or orders delivered locally by you (you get to set and retain the delivery costs too!).

How does it work?

  • Sign up for an account; click the above register store button.
  • Fill in your shops details, opening times, address etc. Add your products, quantities, prices to your new online store. (you can do this on your mobile).
  • Then you are ready to go!

And the best bit is that there are no costs to you!

We also offer hardware, which enables a full stock control system for your store, scanners and printers for the orders. You can order these later on for your store if you require them. But, these are needed to get online and start selling.

How do the payments happen?

We use Stripe, a world-renowned payment gateway, and we do not take the payment ourselves! The payment passes from the customer directly to you, the retailer. We have no connection to the payment.

So how do we (BuyLocal) make money?

We charge a per transaction charge to the customer eg. we charge 50p to the customer on top of the order they buy from you, and this is what we get paid.

How do I know if I have a new order?

When you sign up, make sure you tick the box to receive SMS orders, then you will get notified as soon as a new order is confirmed. You have to ACCEPT the order or DECLINE the order. Ideally you need to do this within a few minutes of the order to ensure great customer service!

Then login to the store, and within the dashboard you will see PENDING ORDERS, then click on the order, and press the ACCEPT or DECLINE. Its as easy as that!

Note: If you do not accept the order within 5 minutes, the order will be automatically declined and no payment will be taken or passed to you.

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